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Updated: Dec 2, 2018

I get this question all the time, "we're new to this, how does it work?"

It starts with a meeting, where we sit down and look at your vision. Sometimes, this is just a list of rooms and rough sizes. Sometimes, folks draw it out on grid paper. When we set up the meeting, I ask clients to bring a survey or plat of their property, and print out some photos of houses they like the outside look of for a general idea of the style desired. If you want to copy a plan you found elsewhere, and it is copyrighted or the creator of the plan is known, you need to contact them and pay for the rights to make changes to the plans.

From here we go to work making your dreams a reality.

You’ll be getting a PDF attached in an email that you can download on your device of choice and review. It will be a basic floor plan showing room sizes, window and door locations, and ceiling heights, appliances, and the square footage of the areas of garage, porch, and living space.

You will have changes.

We'll make the edits, send it again, and so the process repeats until you are satisfied with the floor plan and have no further changes to make to it. From here, we create the four elevations, that is, the way it will look from the front, sides, and back. Once again, we email them and you approve or have changes and we go back and forth until you are completely satisfied with it. From there, we finalize the plans, putting the electrical detail, door and window schedule, dimensions, roof plan, and site plan together. We then set up a final meeting where you will pull up a chair next to mine at the CAD station and we will go room by room making changes to your electrical plans. Once that looks good, we print plans there at my office on my large format printer, and you pay the invoice, then I email those PDFs to you and your builder. Now you are ready to get it bid and built!

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