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Imagination Designs, LLC began in November of 2002. Since then we've created thousands of custom homes for families and builders in the Central Texas area. We draw every style of architecture and a broad size range of projects. I have built many homes myself and done a lot of the work with my own hands. I strive to bring this experience and knowledge to your project.

Waco's first choice in Home Design.

Parade of Homes

Each year we design many of the HOTBA parade homes for the local builders in Waco and we are a member of the association.

Powerful 3D software - Autodesk's Revit

We're nerds when it comes to Autodesk's Revit software, the leading platform for BIM models. The benefit is the ability to see the exterior of your home design from a 3D perspective. While nothing on a flat screen will be quite like the real thing, these 3D models do help bring the project to life and reduce errors and oversights. Take a look at some of our projects in THE DRAWING BOARD page.

2018 St. Jude Home

We are proud to be able to donate the plans for the St. Jude Home in the Creekside Addition in Waco, Texas. The sale of raffle tickets creates a revenue upwards of a million dollars for the charitable hospital saving lives and making things easier for parents in a difficult situation.

2019 St. Jude Home

Once again we were blessed with the opportunity to donate the plans for the St. Jude Dream Home. Alford Construction did a great job executing the design.

Attention to detail, no-nonsense annotation.

Having spent time working from my own drawings, and working closely in the field with my sub contractors, I strive to create plans that have all the pertinent information without going overboard and crowding things up. No wall is left without a dimension, no contractor is resorting to scaling something. Every wall is detailed. We go over every part of the plan with the client, even the location of every plug, light, and switch.

Optional 3D color & 2D Drawings for Cabinets

We can create a 3D color model of your kitchen and baths. Your selections for paint color and counter tops can be applied in the drawings to help you visualize your project. This helps not just in choosing colors and textures, but also the layout of the room, placement of appliances, and styles and heights of cabinets. This service is an additional fee, as not everyone needs or wants this feature. 

We have a large library of home plans for sale for speculative houses for builders

Over the years, I've created a lot of plans for builders for their lots in new subdivisions. Give me a call or send me an email and let me know what you're looking for. How wide is the lot, what square footage range, the amount of bedrooms and baths, etc. I'll send some PDFs of plans over for you to look through. We can use them as a starting point and modify them to meet your needs and taste.

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