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PLEASE NOTE: Thirty -five percent of the estimated cost is due at the initial meeting (in person at our office, email, zoom, or phone call). Please read the whole fee schedule as it covers various scenarios that create more work and therefore cost more. Thanks for your understanding.

The price is based on the square footage and includes a reasonable amount of changes to the initial floor plan that is created or brought to us at the start of the design process. If this design is totally discarded and a completely new plan is desired, the 35% initial payment covers the design that was drawn and discarded and a new 35% payment will be due before another plan is begun. We can't design multiple houses for the price of one!

​1. One story home: $0.65 / per square foot of total foundation area.

2. Two story home: $0.65 / per square foot of total foundation area plus anything covered by roof on the 2nd floor.

3. Plans under 1,500 sq. ft. $1.00 / per square foot under roof.

4. An hourly rate of $100.00 / hr. will be applied when there are changes to the floor plan after it is approved and elevations are drawn, when there are changes to the elevations from the initial approved sketch or provided photo, and additional elevation options for one core floor plan

5. Flipping the plans, additional plot plans, or a stand alone plot plan not part of a regular set: $90.00 each.

6. Copies: D size (24" x 36") $5.00 per page. E size (36" x 48") $8.00 / page. Plans will be bound at no extra charge.

​If you stop work and do not complete the plans, the invoice will be pro-rated based upon what stage we got to:

Floor plan layout and just one initial draft: 35%

Floor plan layout with two meetings or drafts: 40%

Floor plan layout with three or more meetings or drafts: 45%

Elevations and approved floor plans: 80%



​1. Exterior Photorealistic Rendering Package. Front left, front right, front center, and rear renderings with generic landscaping and background environment: $300.00

2. Cabinet Design: $100.00 / hr. Includes both 3D color perspective views and 2D scaled construction drawings.

3. Foundation plans. These are very general, and not engineered or designed for your specific soil conditions: additional $200.00

4. Framing plans. $0.05 / sq. ft. Includes rafter and ceiling joist framing plans.


​Payment is due when the plans are finished or if you stop work on the plans. Upon payment, 1/4" scale PDF files will be emailed for client archive / use. CAD files are available.


The plans do not include a material take-off or energy compliance information. Please note that each State and local City will require different information as part of their planning and review process. We can't possibly know what notes, information, details, etc. that might be for every location. Some communication back and forth with us, your builder, and the City may be necessary to include these specific things, or we can provide a CAD file for a local engineer or drafting service to include those items.

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