1. One story home: $0.40 / per square foot under roof. (Total foundation area).

2. Two story home: $0.43 / per square foot under roof. (Total foundation area plus anything covered by roof on the second floor, living area, balcony, future living space, mechanical rooms, bonus rooms.)

3. Changes after the plans are finalized: $70.00 / hr.

4. Additional Plot plan or stand alone plot plan not part of a regular set: $70.00 each.

5. Additional elevations $70.00 / hr.

6. Changes to the floor plan after it is approved and elevations are drawn (elevation changes will be necessary as well) $70.00 / hr.

7. Copies: D size (24" x 36") $3.50 per page. E size (36" x 48") $7.00 / page. Plans will be bound at no extra charge.

8. Payment is due when the plans are finished or if you stop work on the plans. Cash or check only.

9. Upon payment, 1/4" scale PDF files will be emailed for client archive / use. Additional emails are the client's responsibility, simply forward your email with attached plans to whomever you want.


If you stop work and do not complete the plans, the invoice will be pro-rated based upon what stage we got to:

Floor plan layout and just one initial draft: 35%

Floor plan layout with several meetings and drafts: 40%

Floor plan layout with lots of meetings and big changes: 45%

Elevations and approved floor plans: 75%


The 3D software creates a model with much of the project when we draw the floor plan. This is the most time consuming part of the project. The details like electrical, dimensions, and schedules are a small portion of the overall time spent on a set of plans. The above pro-rated schedule is an attempt to accurately charge for the time spent on a set of incomplete plans.


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